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Posted on 2017-12-13 01:45:33 by Mugen49

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Posted on 2017-12-13 01:55:43 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
Interesting find. I'll try translating this. What's the name of this manga? Does this stinkbug girl fart more in this manga or is this a 1-time gag?

Posted on 2017-12-13 02:25:31 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
it's a one-time gag. it's from Anthology manga and each chapter is a totally different story.

Posted on 2017-12-13 02:51:36 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
A shame, this looked like a silly Cutie Honey parody. Excellent find in any case though, and thanks for sharing.

Posted on 2017-12-13 05:22:40 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
Translated this and other pages.

Posted on 2017-12-13 07:04:20 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
Really dislike bugs but not gonna lie, i'd love to be in a situation like that :P

Posted on 2017-12-13 17:19:43 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
Also some random fact, stinkbugs can actually get uncounscious/killed by their own stench.
Atleast if a lot gathered together in a small inclosed space like here

Posted on 2017-12-14 06:23:32 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
Bringing up Cutie Honey I think the artist of it also did a one-shot manga called skunk-chan. Haven't been able to find out much on it other than this one title image.

Posted on 2017-12-14 06:25:18 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
Also speaking of stink bugs there use to be this one stinkbug girl webcomic but since the author cancelled the series and decided to delete the whole thing I haven't been able to find the strips of it since.

Posted on 2017-12-14 06:47:51 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
Did it have anything to do with this?

Posted on 2017-12-14 08:43:51 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
Ha, you really do learn something new everyday! Go Nagai is infamous for taking up small, goofier projects between his more serious works so I wouldn't put it past him to turn the typical bishojo high school drama on it's head. Here's hoping we can turn up a few more images one of these days and buff up the site's vintage vapor library.

That style looks more like a military one than a bug gal, but the antenna do make me wonder.

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