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Posted on 2018-12-28 16:01:13 by qweges

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English please

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Not to worry, fartlover96! I am...err...1.5% fluent in Japanese.
Here's an elaborate description of the events taking place:
1. - Girl™ and Guy™ are inside. It is rather cold, and Guy™ complains about it.

2. - Girl™ offers to warm him up. Guy™ obliges to this, but is surprised when Girl™ jumps up, sits on his face, and rips a nasty fart.

3. - Guy™'s eproctophilia is awoken, and with such euphoria taking hold of him, his schmeckel spontaneously evolves into a massive tree. Girl™ somehow doesn't notice.

Hope this helps!

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How do you add translation?

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Use the "Add note" button along the bottom of the image next to the Remove and Keep buttons. A text box will appear on the image which you can move, resize and input the appropriate dialogue as needed.

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